Music means a lot to almost everybody and plays a large, very important role in most people’s lives. I have always been attracted to the process that builds a song from scratch to its final version – to the satisfaction involved in taking something intangible made from music and notes and building it into something worthwhile – a thing that can give value to people hearing it. I have likewise always been fascinated by the methods involved in turning a live performance into something special.

Kale Beats is a music producer, that creates beats, instrumentals, songs for singers and rappers. I always try to be creative and to put something new into my tracks. I like to experiment and to make beats inspired by different areas of Hip Hop, Funk, Rock, Pop and Electronic Music and I like to add original and personal elements on my own productions. My goal is to improve the quality with each track that I compose and I am continuously looking to enhance the sound that distinguishes all my instrumental beats. A peculiarity of mine is always adding real instruments recorded in real studio and played by me (synthesizers, guitars, drums, basses, keyboards) over the samples and Vst (Viritual instruments).